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Wrath of the popcorn ninjas

I'm holding my breath though I've seen the film a thousand times.
Jackie is going to hit that Samurai guy really hard any moment.
I anticipate the blow and my nails crouch into the worn-out armrests of my classic cinema-chair.
The good thing when you already know a movie is that you take little risk of being disappointed.
You get what you paid for. Every time.
Also it's a lot easier to focus on the action when you don't have to wonder about how it's going to end.
It's so easy to miss all these cool little details.
And it's also so cool if you can speak all the dialogs, even though my voice-acting needs a little work on some of the women.
I always imagine being Jackie and bringing the battle to the nasties. Make the Mafia pay for what they have done to my niece.
In real life, I'm a real warrior. No movie figure. I fight for the good guys.
I've signed all the petitions. Even the animal-stuff.
I'm battling the system. All those bad-ass dictators are gonna fear the round-house kick I deal out with my low orbit ion cannon.
Beware my wrath you media mafiosi: I got a blog and I'm ready to use it.
Hey Mister CIA: Are you talking to me? You TALKIN' to ME? I know everything about your dirty little secrets.
I take another hand full of popcorn.
My girlfriend knows everything about Jackie-movies. I taught her.
She went to do her nails 30 minutes ago. Hell, she is missing all the action!
I sent a letter to my member of parliament yesterday, demanding the release of a South-Asian politic prisoner. Don't know what he's in for. Must be an author or something. They are all authors. Or politicians.
Baaam that one smarted! Jackie is in great shape.
Where is my girl? My favorite part is coming up in exactly 2:30 minutes! I hope she doesn't expect me to pause it for her.
All that action makes me wanna fight some bad guys today. I'll check Twitter later to find out how many people were at the demonstration in my city this morning. Watching Jackie always makes me wanna review another flash-mob on YouTube. Maybe the one downtown that I missed last week.
I pause the movie for my girlfriend just in time. I'm one of the good guys after all.
I'm a revolutionary guerrilla fighter.
I'm a popcorn ninja.
I check Twitter. The demo was smaller than anticipated. I decide to log in to Facebook later to complain.

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